Filming equipments in Tanzania


Filming equipments in Tanzania: With such a large film community, we can get you  all the film equipment you will need for your production.  From the latest generation of ARRI and RED cameras, to the SteadyCam and the latest generation of lighting, everything is available in Quebec.


Dar Fixers has access to an impressive amount of lighting and grip equipment as well as the technicians to use them.   As far as cameras are concerned, we have Sony cameras, action camera, 360 camera, drone and our suppliers are the same as for large international productions, so they can provide all the bigger cameras and prime lenses available.


The equipment is in sufficient quantity to ensure that you don’t lose time in case of equipment failure.  Dar-es-salaam is one of Tanzania’s major road, rail and airport hubs; we are able to have equipment delivered anywhere in the country in less than 24 hours.


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