How to Scount film location


How to Scount film location: While location managers and scouts have their own systems for finding the perfect spots to film, there are some basic steps in location scouting:

  1. Do a script breakdown. The location department will go through the script to determine every place they need to find for the film.
  2. Source locations. The location manager and their team will compile a list of locations for the film. Skim real estate listings to find potential houses. You can also contact a film commission. Many local government offices will have a film commission, or film liaison, to assist productions in their county. They often have a list of available film locations.
  3. Scout. The location manager, or scout, will travel to different locations to get a feel for the space in person, take notes, and photograph the area. The director, director of photography, and production designer will often check out locations as well, to make sure they are the settings they envision.
  4. Clear the shooting locations. Once you’ve decided on a site, get permission from the property owner and have them sign a location release form.

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