What can I expect from a Tanzanian crew?


What can I expect from a Tanzanian crew?

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  1. Tanzaniaan crews are renowned for high on-set efficiency, have a well-established reputation, and are accustomed to working on international sets. Tanzanian crews speak fluent English, as do Majority Tanzaanians in general.
    The majority of crews are engaged as employees, while some are independent contractors.
    Tanzanian crews are committed, flexible, well organised and highly qualified – also on assistant level. Budget-conscious productions can plan for a smaller crew compared to international standards.
    For feature films, Tanzania crews are used to a general assembly for all crew (and cast) before principal photography, where a crew representative is elected.
    A mid and wrap party is expected, and crew members who are engaged on the entire shoot also expect to be invited to the opening / premiere screening in Tanzania.

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